Wednesday, January 26, 2011

El camino!

Whitney,Kelly and Me decided that we're gonna try a new restaurant every month..So on Tuesday we decided to go to El Camino for taco Tuesday at South Park after work..El Camino is between 30th st and Fern St. It's a cute little Mexican restaurant and I love the decor.

And I think this is the best place for Taco Tuesday so far.! $5 for 4 tacos with rice and beans. They have Carne Asada,Chicken Asada,Mahi-Mahi, Camaron Asado (Pan Seared garlic cilantro shrimp finished with lime juice) and Rajas (Grilled chile poblano,onion,bell peppers,mushroom and corn sauteed with mexican cream)

We ordered Mahi-Mahi,Carne Asada,Chicken Asada and Rajas and I love everything! It was so good! and their Chips and salsa were awesome too! They have 3 dips one is hot sauce,verde, and cheese hot sauce? Im not sure what it is..but they are all good!

So if you guys are looking for a new place to try for Taco Tuesday,head over to El Camino at South Park!

The Chips and Salsa! So yumm!!

The Rajas and Carne Asada with rice and beans! These are mucho delicioso!!

Cake of the week!

Every Tuesday at work we would make our cake of the week,and I was trying to make something fun and fruity.So I flipped thru the recipe baking book that Whitney (my boss) bought me for Christmas just to get some inspiration or maybe just bake something out of the book. Then I saw a picture of white cake with Strawberry Mousselin filing and chocolate ganache and I thought maybe I should make that this week. I told Steve (The Cafe manager,also my boss) that I feel like making something with Strawberry or Raspberry puree in it and he told me I could use the puree from the cafe bar.! I had no idea what we had in that bar until I saw how much puree we have in there! I got all excited thinking there's so many cakes that I wanted to do with that puree!

Anyways..So I decided to make White Bouchan cake, with Strawberry buttercream (with slices of strawberries.) because I don't know how Strawberry Mousselin would work with our ever so frequently changing weather,and the outside would be Chocolate ganache.

So San Diegans what are you waiting for? Head over to Zanzibar Cafe, Downtown for a slice! or two.! ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A trip to Jimbo's!

Morning all!!

As usual on Wednesday morning would be for me and Anna to go for our weekly Hula class..Jen (My Hula teacher) emailed me last week to check out Jimbo's or Whole Foods bakery and see what they have in store (for some who doesn't know Jimbo's and Whole Foods sell grocery that is organic and natural foods) If you guys read my last post,Jen is allergic to eggs,gluten,wheat,soy and milk. My new project is baking something so that people with allergies can enjoy some desserts!

So after class me and Anna went to Jimbo's and check out their bakery section..I must say that they have a variety of desserts that is gluten free and vegan over there..the question it good?
We bought a few desserts to try..

We bought:

Agave vegan gluten free pumpkin zucchini cake

Gluten free pumpkin Zucchini muffin

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with walnut

Pumpkin pillows

Dagoba Organic Chocolate

---So here's the verdict...

Pumpkin Pillow:
Truthfully it's dry and I barely taste the pumpkin in it..

Pumpkin Zucchini Muffin:
It's alright but it's not awesome. A little on the dry side.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie:
It's dry but it's pretty good for organic ingredients!

Agave Vegan Gluten Free Pumpkin Zucchini Cake:
This is the winner!! It's soooo good!! for gluten free and vegan! it's so moist! and I can taste all of the flavor!

Dagoba Organic Chocolate:
This Chocolate taste feminine! The whole Lavender and Wild Blueberries is totally good!

These are the ingredients :

So I guess good Gluten free Vegan desserts are possible to do. I just need to find a good recipe!

Brownie Bites

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year Desserts

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope your new year has been great!

I decided to shut down my old blog..It's like throwing your old journal.

I realized that ever since I have started working at Zanzibar I don't blog anymore..I usually have time to blab or whine or share in my blog about stuff that has been going on in my life,but then it has been so busy at work and I am too exhausted to sit down and type what has been going on. But nonetheless I am truly bless with this job.Anyways enough on that..

As some of you might have known, Me and my friend Anna recently joined Hula moves class. My wonderful Hula instructor Jen, click on the link to read About Jen. She's an awesome Hula instructor! So anyways, Jen told me a months ago that she was allergic to flour and eggs, and few weeks after that she came to Zanzibar with a friend to have lunch there ( I didn't recognize her without her work out outfit :) she can be superwomen and I wouldn't know! ) I usually bring my friends desserts whenever they come to have lunch at Zanzibar,but when Jen came I did not know what to give her because all of our pastries have eggs and flour in them. I feel so bad I couldn't give her anything to enjoy but I gave her a cupcake so she could give it to Shawn (her husband) but later told me that Shawn also cannot eat flour..So she end up giving it to her mother.

At Zanzibar, there's a lot of people who asked us if we make any gluten free or Vegan Desserts..but unfortunately we don't because eggs and flour are essential to baking. I mean there are gluten free pastries out there, but unfortunately Zanzibar do not have that.

On my days off last week I decided to make some research on gluten free/vegan desserts and tell you the truth..there's not much variety out there,and when I look at the ingredients they are so foreign to me! My instructor in Culinary school is French,so naturally we learned a lot about french pastries.

So, Here's to you Jen! and to all of you that have food allergies! I have not found a gluten free/Vegan dessert to make yet, we're still looking and testing. But once we have I will let you know!

brownie bites