Monday, March 28, 2011

you little tart!

I remembered my first lemon tart in culinary school..It looked so pretty and so yummy..until I have my first bite of it..I realized that I'm not a fan..I don't like the tarty-ness..And when I started working for Zanzibar I thought my feelings towards the lemon tart would change,now that it is topped with meringue..but nope! the tarty-ness still make my eyes look like one of those Japanese girls when I eat that ---> ( >_< ) hehe!

But I also notice that a lot of people lovessss it! Because we at least have to make it two to three times a week! And I have to admit..It is pretty good looking tart! I just have to think of it as a pretty Christian Louboutin Shoes that hurts when you wear it..? maybe my feelings would change..? good analogy? maybe not.. ;p

I am currently blogging at 930pm and my brain is partially working rite now..and thus this very short post..enjoy the pictures and now off to lala land.. :)

P/S: its my dad's BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! Happy 51st BIRTHDAY DADDYKINS!! Can't wait for him and my mom to come next month and then we're off to New Orleans! ohhh yeaahhh!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

25! Woot!

I just Wanna say Thank you to those who are following me.! You guys are AWESOME! I wish I could bake bunch of yummy pastries and feed all of you!! For those who lives in San Diego that's prolly possible..but those who's in Australia and Malaysia..Wait for my home coming! which is err..haven't decided yet! :D You guys make me so Happy! I shall stop this following thing as this can go on forever.. :D I'm not announcing my defeat,but you know what I mean..!

Speaking of happy..Last Saturday there wasn't much for Whitney and me to we decided to make New York Style Crumb cake and second attempt of making French Macaroons ( I haven't make French Macaroons since Culinary School! so I was a little excited!)

Making the New York Style Crumb Cake was easy..I told Marck about it and he was all excited because he's from New York..He was bugging me about making chocolate croissant and Souffle too! but I kept telling him this is not New York! ;p once we're done with the crumb cake, we started to prep for French Macaroons..I totally forgot how tedious it is to make this little babies..we have to shift the Almond flour 3 times..then have to make them super fine in the food processor..We decided to make Caramel macaroons..once we got all those fining the Almond flour done, we beat the egg whites till frothy then add the sugar and cream of looked perfect..! Then as soon as we add the caramel and the vanilla the egg white starts to deflate. So we end up starting with the egg whites all over again..this time we only add the vanilla towards the end..and start folding the dry ingredients in..and baked them for about 30 mins..and it look so cute! we filled them up with caramel buttercream..and its Nummy!

I used to intern for The Opera in Miramesa they have one of the best Macaroons in San Diego (in my opinion..) they have plenty of flavors! and in Beverly hill there's another Macaroons place that I like call Paulette..also plenty of flavors and they are pretty..ALSO (I'm not done yet! hehe..) There's this famous macaroons store in Paris called Ladurée..they have few locations around the world but sadly they don't have it here in the States..but the last time I heard they are opening in New those who are in New York might wanna check the out if they are opening that is!

here are some of websites that has Fabulous Macaroons!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hello Pudding!

It's one of those days when you feel crappy about yourself and all you want to do is eat comfort food..something cold,something chocolate-y and absolutely something yummy..something that will satisfy you and will make you feel all better!

I'm not talking about Rocky road Ice-cream..though that sounds pretty good right this moment (and nooo, I'm feeling fantastic.. I'm not listening to sad sappy love songs..haha! )

A month ago my friends came to Zanzibar and they tasted the Old Fashion Chocolate pudding we have in the Cafe..and you have no idea how happy I was when I came to their table to check on them,they totally cleaned the pudding up! nothing makes me happy when people finished things that I made!

people asked me is it hard to make the Chocolate pudding..but really no..only simple ingredient..

  • Cream
  • milk
  • yolks
  • sugar
  • vanilla bean
  • chocolate (mind you,good chocolate)
So yeah..Treat yourself to a really yummy Chocolate Pudding, and everything will be all right.. :D

anyways..talking about feeling better and happy, these are websites/blogs that I follow closely and they always have something new and exciting to share!

Jessica Claire is an Orange County based wedding photographer and I love her sense of photography style.

Jessica Claire.

Looking to Decorate your little pad? here's a website I like to go to get some inspiration from

Apartment Therapy.

another design website if you're looking for something modern

Desire to inspire.

Enjoy lovie!