Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rebecca's Birthday cake!

It's July!! and the summer is just getting started! How was your 4th? I hope everyone grub well! and enjoyed the fantastic fireworks! :)

Few weeks back my dear friend Rebecca turned 30! WOOT! and my friend Kellie decided to host a Make your own Pizza birthday party at her place and it is of course my pleasure to make Rebecca her birthday cake!

I made the details 3 days ahead so that it had time to dry..and on that particular Friday it was one of the busiest day for me and Whitney..We had caterings that morning on top of our normal baking routine, and after work both of us had different projects she had to make 200 cupcakes for her friend's wedding and I was working on Rebecca's cake..I had 2 hours to finished the cake because the party starts at 6pm..The idea of the cake seems good in my head..

But once I made it into reality I didnt like it at all! I was pouting...at the CAKE! I had red ribbon around it..the cake is somehow like,it is for an asian wedding!

I was like.."what the hey..is the thought that counts rite?" and I'm running out of time..

but then I couldn't get over the cake at all.!! I was cringing..so I decided to take it all off and do it again..and replace the red ribbon with a black ribbon and put all the details back to the cake..and I was finally Happy!

Went to the party..and I was a little late..ok maybe an hour late..! :p The party cannot start without the cake no? :D Kellie did a great job hosting the party! (Yeay Kells!) saw few of my friends I haven't seen in a while..Everybody seems happy with the cake! And what's important is that Rebecca is Happy with the cake! yeay me!

Final Design..the ribbon was red..


Thursday, June 9, 2011

June-o :D

Happy June!! My little squirrels!

How's your June coming along? can you guys believe it? it's already mid year!? Anywhoooooo...

I had the hardest time waking up yesterday.. I almost texted my friend Anna, that I'm gonna bail on Hula class..I just wanna stay in bed and not do anything..The weather was sorta gloomy and chilly and my bed and pillow were hugging me and it felt so so good.. :)

We had a big weekend recently..we had 3 bridal shower,and a rehearsal dinner in one day..and to top that,I had a fund raising for my friend that I have to cater..I had Janean (our new Barista) make me a Vanilla Latte that morning so I was on top of the game that day..

once my day was done at work..I rushed home and got ready for my friend Damaris's fund raising that nite..My friend Anna who is also doing the dessert buffet with me was already at the event venue setting up..

the theme of the fund raising is Moroccan inspire..Me and Anna did not make Moroccan desserts..But we had our buffet set up in Moroccan style..

*Pictures credit to Damaris Contreras* :) love you Damaris!

Our Dessert Buffet



Chocolate wafer

Chocolate dip Marshmallow with sprinkles!

Vanilla cupcake tower!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's a dude cupcake!

I appreciate guys who eats pastries and actually enjoy it..I don't care who you are..good looking or not..but if you enjoy eating my pastries you're good on my list!

Few weeks ago one of my friend turned 27. His girlfriend, a good friend of mine, decided to have a surprise party for him,and asked me if I could bake a cake or cupcakes for the party. I told her that I could make cupcakes..

I always wonder what guys thoughts are on cupcakes..I have never seen any guy get excited over cupcakes cuz it's always a girl thing to be excited over cute or delicious cupcakes..

I had no idea on what kind of cupcakes to make for this party..It's a lot easier to bake a cake for a girl than for a guy..I ask Pete would it be lame if I make raspberry buttercream chocolate cupcake for a dude? He said he doesn't know and if I baked him cupcakes for his birthday he'll eat it even if it's a raspberry..

hmmm...cupcakes for dude..cupcakes for dude...

SoooOoooo...I decided to make Chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream...dudes like peanut butter no? oh well..!

here goes nothing!

Happy Birthday Drew!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

so Cheesy!

Did I tell you that I work with Pete? Yes Pete! he's our Barista slash Mr Cheese guy..

He knows A LOT about cheese..I kid you not..He used to work with some cheese company so he is with a lot of cheese knowledge.

Zanzibar sells quite a few range of cheese and we do Cheese platter for caterings as well..and it's usually Pete's thing to do..he would cut the cheeses,fruits and breads and arrange them on a platter whenever there's a catering for it..and Pete only works on the weekend..

So one day we have a large platter cheese catering on a Monday..and Jessica,another barista who works on week days had to do them..she got a note from Nathan ( Our Exec Chef ) saying that Pete has already cut the cheeses and all she had to do is arrange them on a platter along with some fruits and cut some baguette and crostini..

I don't blame her for freaking out a little because she has never done or seen Pete doing it before..

Since I have seen him done it before, I decided to helped Jess with arranging the cheese..I mean how hard can it be anyway? I can actually show my inner "CHEESE" creativity.. ;p

To tell you the truth,I had no idea what the heck I was doing..does grapes goes with cheese?

dude, I'm asian, cheese is definitely not my staple food..

But fake it till you make it and Voila!

Not bad eh? Step aside Pete..I'm the Cheesy girl now!

Me: So why do they call it Drunken Goat Cheese?
Pete: Because they feed the Goat, wine..and once the goat is wasted, they took the milk, and made them into cheese..!
Me: Really? is that even legal? that's like animal abuse..
*Pete was smiling trying not to Laugh*
Me: you suck!
Pete: oh boy..you are easy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hello my little squirrels !!

I'm back! Sorry for being away too long! my parents were in town and work has been pretty crazy! so what have you people been up too? Just a little update..when my parents were in town, we went to New Orleans and Baton Rouge (where I was born! ) . It was fun seeing my parents college, the place where we used to live and basically walking down the memory lane.. :) it felt weird too because I can't recall any of it! So I was told by my friend to pay a certain cafe, a visit..which is Cafe Du Monde..I was also told that their Beignets is to die for! In case some of you are wondering, Beignets is a pastry made from deep fried dough, much like a doughnut, and sprinkled with powdered sugar or frosting..Beignets is fried dough in French.

Cafe du Monde did not have much on their menu..all they have is Cafe Au lait (hot or cold) and Beignets! The place was packed..! And we went there at 9pm and there's still tons of people at the restaurant! I had a cold cafe au lait and of course Beignets..and it blows my mind how something so simple is sooo good.! so if any of you are going to New Orleans be sure to give Cafe du Monde a visit..

I love New Orleans! its so Frenchy! its like going to France without going to France! There's jazz music everywhere! Would I ever lived in New Orleans..? Probably not..I'm more of Californian rather than Louisianian..I love The Lakers.. LOL!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where art thou?

I am on Hiatus..will be back around next week..! Don't miss me too much! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reality bites!

It seems like all these non-acting celebrities are all having their own reality shows..I mean C'mon! Audrina Patridge? Basketball wives? JERSEY SHORE?? (seriously my brain is falling out of my skull after 2 mins of watching it..) The real housewives of O.C/Atlanta/D.C/New York and the list goes on...why are they even famous anyways? I too can have my own reality show!! Ok..maybe I'm not married to Lamar Odom, or dating Reggie Bush but my life is somewhat.. interesting..? (actually not really..) anyone wants to make a little short asian girl who can bake pastries, famous? anyone? VH1? E!? BRAVO?! TLC?? ANYONE?! ok..fineeee...!

Truth is..I watch Keeping up with the kardashian and Khloe and Lamar..go ahead..judge away... ;p

Actually It would be nice if someone were to document,what I do for a living... :) yeah....dream on Dina..Dream on..

I've been a little distracted lately..(what's new?) And thus, my blog hasn't been updated in few weeks..I realized I havent been posting anything new about my cake of the week..so I'm just gonna tease you with all the pictures and explain what is what..

seriously,anybody wants to sign me up for reality show?

Lemon curd buttercream ,sprinkle sanding sugar with white velvet cake

Chocolate cake with,Chocolate buttercream layered with triple berry buttercream

Chocolate espresso cake with white chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate cake with caramel buttercream with Fleur de sel salt

Ohh! gotta go! Khloe and Lamar is on E! hahaha!