Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reality bites!

It seems like all these non-acting celebrities are all having their own reality shows..I mean C'mon! Audrina Patridge? Basketball wives? JERSEY SHORE?? (seriously my brain is falling out of my skull after 2 mins of watching it..) The real housewives of O.C/Atlanta/D.C/New York and the list goes on...why are they even famous anyways? I too can have my own reality show!! Ok..maybe I'm not married to Lamar Odom, or dating Reggie Bush but my life is somewhat.. interesting..? (actually not really..) anyone wants to make a little short asian girl who can bake pastries, famous? anyone? VH1? E!? BRAVO?! TLC?? ANYONE?! ok..fineeee...!

Truth is..I watch Keeping up with the kardashian and Khloe and Lamar..go ahead..judge away... ;p

Actually It would be nice if someone were to document,what I do for a living... :) yeah....dream on Dina..Dream on..

I've been a little distracted lately..(what's new?) And thus, my blog hasn't been updated in few weeks..I realized I havent been posting anything new about my cake of the I'm just gonna tease you with all the pictures and explain what is what..

seriously,anybody wants to sign me up for reality show?

Lemon curd buttercream ,sprinkle sanding sugar with white velvet cake

Chocolate cake with,Chocolate buttercream layered with triple berry buttercream

Chocolate espresso cake with white chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate cake with caramel buttercream with Fleur de sel salt

Ohh! gotta go! Khloe and Lamar is on E! hahaha!

Monday, April 4, 2011


If you guys ever work in the kitchen that video is prolly just a normal day at work.. :)

I started working Zanzibar last June and at that time the Exec Chef was John Bickley. As some of you might have known I am shy around new people,so most of the time I would just keep quiet or just smile if I'm not sure if you are joking with me or just being funny..A lot of time Bickley was being funny,he named me F.N.G which stands for effin' New Girl/Guy and since I was the new girl that initials was bestowed upon me.

Me and Bickley had a verbally and physically abusive relationship (not the ones that you guys might have imagine tho..nothing like domestic abuse or anything!) I remembered how he use to throw slimey avocado and macaroni at me because he thinks its funny and he also would try to scare the crap out of me by creeping behind my back when I'm in the walk in. But I get him back by talking smack about the Chargers when they lost..! (I'm a Chargers fan but I'm not hardcore as he is..!) and he would 'accidentally' pushed me when walked past me ( I know rite?) but hey, little asian girl ain't gonna let big white guy pushes her around! all I need to do is talk more smack about Chargers and the look on his face is priceless! muahahahaha!

one day Whitney left early and told me that Bickley wanted to talk to me..and I got nervous and scared..I asked Whitney what's it about and she's like "I don't know..looks serious though.."
in my head I'm like "crap..did this Chargers smack talking upsets him?" So after Whitney left Bickley called me, and pulled me aside..and the conversation goes like this:

Bickley: Dina, do you know why you're here?
Me: *scared the crap* uhh...nooo..
Bickley: I just want to say..Congratulation..
Me: *very confused..* ummm whyyy?
Bickley: because you're no longer F.N.G!
Me: Son of a..!!! I HATE YOU!!!!
Me: you have no idea my heart was beating so hard!! I thought I did something wrong!!
Bickley: you're a good sport..! you took my abuse very well!
Me:oh shut up Bickley! I'm gonna get you back for this! *storm out of the room*

few hours later Whitney texted me : I hope Chef doesn't scare you..


people like to have fun on my account..sheesh kebab!

and now Nathan, The New Chef is mentally and verbally abusing me..WHYYYY????!!!! :P

I would probably need Therapy by the time I'm done with Zanz..! ;D

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kellie's birthday cake!

Who would've guess that April come so seems just like yesterday it was New Year..I CAN'T WAIT TO BE OLD! hahaha! anyways...! I guess winter season is officially over, its time for cute dresses and flip flop to come out and play for spring!

Speaking of spring..yesterday was Kellie's birthday! She's 21 for the 6th time! hehe! In honor of my dear friend I decided to bake her the Birthday cake..! And I told Whitney a lot of times that I was pretty nervous about it..because I haven't done Fondant cake in a long long long long time!

I started making the flowers 3 days ahead as they need to be shaped and dried before I can stick them to the cake and baked the carrot cake a day before. I was also pretty nervous about the weather as its getting pretty warm and icing the cake with cream cheese could possibly fail big time..! But mother nature loves me yesterday! The icing looks good on the cake and I finished the cake by covering it with fondant.Stick the flowers on and with Whitney's fantabolous hand writing the cake is done!

The birthday dinner was at Station Tavern in South Park and I love that place! The burger was awesome! I got to see and hang out with people I haven't seen in a while.. :) good food,good friends, awesome birthday party! I am so happy that Kellie loves the cake! and there were no left overs! woot!


Happy Birthday Kellie!!

Me and the Cameron sisters! :)