Sunday, May 22, 2011

so Cheesy!

Did I tell you that I work with Pete? Yes Pete! he's our Barista slash Mr Cheese guy..

He knows A LOT about cheese..I kid you not..He used to work with some cheese company so he is with a lot of cheese knowledge.

Zanzibar sells quite a few range of cheese and we do Cheese platter for caterings as well..and it's usually Pete's thing to do..he would cut the cheeses,fruits and breads and arrange them on a platter whenever there's a catering for it..and Pete only works on the weekend..

So one day we have a large platter cheese catering on a Monday..and Jessica,another barista who works on week days had to do them..she got a note from Nathan ( Our Exec Chef ) saying that Pete has already cut the cheeses and all she had to do is arrange them on a platter along with some fruits and cut some baguette and crostini..

I don't blame her for freaking out a little because she has never done or seen Pete doing it before..

Since I have seen him done it before, I decided to helped Jess with arranging the cheese..I mean how hard can it be anyway? I can actually show my inner "CHEESE" creativity.. ;p

To tell you the truth,I had no idea what the heck I was doing..does grapes goes with cheese?

dude, I'm asian, cheese is definitely not my staple food..

But fake it till you make it and Voila!

Not bad eh? Step aside Pete..I'm the Cheesy girl now!

Me: So why do they call it Drunken Goat Cheese?
Pete: Because they feed the Goat, wine..and once the goat is wasted, they took the milk, and made them into cheese..!
Me: Really? is that even legal? that's like animal abuse..
*Pete was smiling trying not to Laugh*
Me: you suck!
Pete: oh are easy!

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