Thursday, June 9, 2011

June-o :D

Happy June!! My little squirrels!

How's your June coming along? can you guys believe it? it's already mid year!? Anywhoooooo...

I had the hardest time waking up yesterday.. I almost texted my friend Anna, that I'm gonna bail on Hula class..I just wanna stay in bed and not do anything..The weather was sorta gloomy and chilly and my bed and pillow were hugging me and it felt so so good.. :)

We had a big weekend recently..we had 3 bridal shower,and a rehearsal dinner in one day..and to top that,I had a fund raising for my friend that I have to cater..I had Janean (our new Barista) make me a Vanilla Latte that morning so I was on top of the game that day..

once my day was done at work..I rushed home and got ready for my friend Damaris's fund raising that nite..My friend Anna who is also doing the dessert buffet with me was already at the event venue setting up..

the theme of the fund raising is Moroccan inspire..Me and Anna did not make Moroccan desserts..But we had our buffet set up in Moroccan style..

*Pictures credit to Damaris Contreras* :) love you Damaris!

Our Dessert Buffet



Chocolate wafer

Chocolate dip Marshmallow with sprinkles!

Vanilla cupcake tower!

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