Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rebecca's Birthday cake!

It's July!! and the summer is just getting started! How was your 4th? I hope everyone grub well! and enjoyed the fantastic fireworks! :)

Few weeks back my dear friend Rebecca turned 30! WOOT! and my friend Kellie decided to host a Make your own Pizza birthday party at her place and it is of course my pleasure to make Rebecca her birthday cake!

I made the details 3 days ahead so that it had time to dry..and on that particular Friday it was one of the busiest day for me and Whitney..We had caterings that morning on top of our normal baking routine, and after work both of us had different projects she had to make 200 cupcakes for her friend's wedding and I was working on Rebecca's cake..I had 2 hours to finished the cake because the party starts at 6pm..The idea of the cake seems good in my head..

But once I made it into reality I didnt like it at all! I was pouting...at the CAKE! I had red ribbon around it..the cake is somehow like,it is for an asian wedding!

I was like.."what the hey..is the thought that counts rite?" and I'm running out of time..

but then I couldn't get over the cake at all.!! I was cringing..so I decided to take it all off and do it again..and replace the red ribbon with a black ribbon and put all the details back to the cake..and I was finally Happy!

Went to the party..and I was a little late..ok maybe an hour late..! :p The party cannot start without the cake no? :D Kellie did a great job hosting the party! (Yeay Kells!) saw few of my friends I haven't seen in a while..Everybody seems happy with the cake! And what's important is that Rebecca is Happy with the cake! yeay me!

Final Design..the ribbon was red..


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  1. Wahai Cik Bite-Size, mana nak geget?

    Hehe.. Lama tak dengar khabar, saja je nak kacau blog u..